jrynhold200Dr Jonathan Rynhold received his PhD. from the London School of Economics & Political Science in 1998). He is a senior lecturer in the department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University and a a senior researcher at the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies. In 2012-13 he served as the Visiting Professor of Israeli Politics, at the George Washington University in Washington DC.

Dr Rynhold's research focuses on Israel, the Middle East peace process and US-Israeli relations. In this vein, he has authored many publications, some of which are available on this website. He also played a leading role in combatting the UK campaign to boycott Israeli universities.

Dr Rynhold is regularly interviewed by a wide variety of news outlets, which have included New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angles Times, CNN, USA Today, The Times (London), Al Jazeera, Xinhua (China), Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz. 

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The Argov Center for the Study of Israel and the Jewish people studies the entire range of topics relevant to the identity of Israel as a Jewish state and to expressions of that identity. Within that framework, the Center focuses on two major clusters of interest.

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