15 February 2012

Israel has emerged as an important issue in the Republican primaries. In fact, it has become an important issue for a much wider public than just American Jews and evangelical Christians – a

18 July 2011

By passing the Anti-boycott Law, its proponents armed the BDS movement with weapons to attack Israel’s democratic credentials.


25 May 2011

By effectively ignoring most of the President’s May 19 speech, the media missed its most significant element.


23 May 2011

Following US President Barack Obama's May 19 speech, the focus of debate has been on his endorsement of the 1967 borders. Yet, the overwhelming bulk of his speech focused on the so-called

7 February 2011

The dream of turning Cairo 2011 into "Berlin 1989" is a chimera; the challenge is to prevent "Tehran 1979." Obama administration policy, however, threatens to widen the crack in the strategic

12 February 2010

The furor surrounding the New Israel Fund's indirect involvement in the preparation of the Goldstone report has witnessed the reemergence of an unhealthy tendency in Israel to pare down political

15 June 2009

The Prime Minister responded to President Obama's Cairo speech by endorsing a circumscribed Palestinian state. The conditions he imposed on acceptance of that state were those endorsed by the

9 June 2009

Obama's speech represents a short-term tactical gain for his policy of engagement. But such 'soft power' capital is modest and will almost certainly depreciate. It cannot form the basis for a

23 October 2007

Instead of trying to produce a permanent status agreement now, the Quartet should concentrate on limiting the threat to the two-state solution posed by the issues of settlements and

18 May 2007

Dr. Jonathan Rynhold of Bar-Ilan University retorted angrily: "You are imposing standards on Israel, and Israeli academe, that you do not demand of any other country - not even British academe,

7 October 2005

In the wake of its active involvement in the 2003 Iraq war, Britain’s traditional policy of acting as a ‘bridge’ between the US and the EU in relation to Middle Eastern strategic affairs has

21 January 2005

Any attempt to implement the Geneva mechanism is likely to generate a severe crisis, since no Palestinian leader, no matter how moderate, will be able to confront the masses of refugees rejected


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